I know it’s hard to come up with words when “thanks” may not be the first thing you want to say to your child’s teachers and aides. Or, maybe it is what you want to say and you are still searching for words. Here are some simple words of thanks that may work.

Dear My Child’s Friend,

Things are so hecticdmillergift during the week that I don’t get time to say how much appreciate what you do for _________.  It isn’t easy to figure out what each child needs and be prepared to give that every day. I know that.

I want you to understand that life at home isn’t easy either. We have our struggles, and sometimes I can’t uphold my end of the bargain to supervise homework, complete assignments and make sure my son is ready for school each day. Just like you, I do the best I can. Together, we are increasing the chances _______’s success, both at home and at school.

Please remember you are a part of my extended family. We might not always agree, but for this moment in time, we are sitting down at the same table, supporting, strengthening and encouraging ________. Our family is grateful for your help and care.

You will move on to other children in the coming months and years. But you are the only (math, English, Special Education) teacher we have known this year. Thanks for being there and remember how important you are in our life.


A grateful mom


If you would like a packet of thank you and advocacy letters, send me your email on the contact form and I will get them to you. If you have a special request, let me know and I’ll try to help.

It’s a great day to have a great day.