Northern California is just as beautiful as I remember and has the best sushi I’ve tasted in years. Duarte Academy headquarters in Sunnyvale was my destination for the first leg of my journey to create your Stories Start Something: Family Action Series. The First Step is the design and completion of your Parenting Toolkit, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to begin my work. I learned so much my head hurt. Thanks to our facilitator Scott and to the roomful of creatives who turned a long day of learning into something energizing and productive. Big thanks go out to Nancy Duarte and Becky Bausman for creating the space for me to attend this day of thinking, planning and growing.

Let the journey begin!

‘So, what does this mean for me?”  Right? That’s what you’re asking me and that’s a fair question.  My new journey isn’t an adventure for you unless it answers your questions about parenting children with learning and life skill issues. You want everything you can get your hands on that will help you to problem solve around school, friends, self-care, community activities, religious life – and the list goes on. It’s all about putting a lid on chaos and upping the joy quotient in your life.

It’s time we talked, and I mean really talked. So here’s what I’ve planned.

Over the next few days I’ll be finalizing my virtual tour of life with your child and your family. Designing the best possible parenting toolkit means being fully immersing in the things that keep you up at night and the possibilities that make your heart race. You have questions, concerns, and fears about parenting your quirky kids. You may have some helpful complaints or some unhealthy anger. Whatever you have to say or to ask, I will hear you and try to find the answers. The tour will be packed with  practical, personal and even some off the wall questions. Your answers and shared information (all done in total anonymity) are going to provide the rock, paper, scissors to fill your toolkit. Together we can work through the chaos and get to the place of limitless possibilities for love, acceptance and growth.

Help me gather up all your questions and stories. I’m putting together a team of professionals and parents to help me understand that data. You’ll get back a tool kit that supports your needs, your issues and your future with your child.

So I’m on it. I’ll be posting everything you need next week so you can start to tell your story. It will be simple to complete and easy to return. You’ll be hearing from me soon. I’m glad we are partners in this Family Action Series. I know your Parenting Toolkit is a great place to start.

Today’s a great day to have a great day!