The First Six Questions are Here!.

The Virtual Family Tour starts today! Below are 6 basic questions about your child’s diagnosis.

  1. Does your child have a diagnosis?
  2. Who provided it? ( doctor, teacher or someone else)
  3. Does the diagnosis help explain your child’s behavior?
  4. Based on your knowledge of your child, does the diagnosis make sense to you?
  5. What makes you feel uncertain or nervous  about your child’s diagnosis?
  6. Has this diagnosis “filled in the gaps” and helped you to better understand your challenges?

Put your answers in a message under the Contact Me button located on the top of this page. Short sentences or just a few words is fine. Just use the numbers and I’ll be able to translate. This isn’t an essay! You don’t have time.

Fill-in your name and email address. Hit send. You’re done. Your information won’t be shared with anyone, and I won’t give your email address to ANYONE

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Next week you’ll find 6 more questions that take us through follow up on the diagnosis.

Claiming your family dreams and creating the life you want with those you love takes creativity and lots of information. Thanks for taking time to join the virtual family tour. Your input matters.

It’s a great day to have a great day.