Since we last talked about the virtual family tour, interest has been growing in the most surprising places.

Research librarians in North Carolina, book publishers in Vermont, therapists from suburban Philadelphia and parenting organizations from California are all asking for more. So, I’ve changed the roll out format from 6 questions a week to a completed survey form that will land on these pages in a few days.

If you are looking for the next installment, don’t worry – you haven’t missed it. My pre-test crowd is finishing up their comments and the questions will soon be ready for prime time. So, thanks for your patience and get your pencils sharpened.

Hidden Figures explores the role women of color played in the Friendship 7 rocket

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If you haven’t seen Hidden Figures, go as soon as you can. “What is she talking about?” you might ask. These hero women, all of them moms living in a prejudiced, segregated America of the 1960’s, take us on a glorious journey to impossible dreams realized. Their determination and grace is awe inspiring. Even if you witnessed the early NASA space launches and already know how it ends, it’s hard to stay in your seat! Invite a friend, and take a few hours off, just for you.

It’s a great day to have a great day.