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Advice, information and inspiration on parenting children with behavioral disabilities.

Mad Random Parenting

Thanksgiving – and My Great Blue Buddy

Here we are at the official start of the holiday season. Unless you are one of those decoration overload creatives that start on Halloween (Labor Day?) – this is it. But this isn’t a piece about commercialization or the expectation-laden insanity of the... read more

My Very Own Holiday Movie

I admit it. I watch those soppy, predictable holiday movies on TV. If you need a template for each and every plot of the dozens of movies available between Thanksgiving and Christmas this is it: Man or woman soured on the holidays avoids celebrations entirely.... read more

Open Letter on the 2016 Election

Good afternoon. If you, like me, stayed up most of the night watching this consequential election, I know how you’re feeling. I hope we can stop the divisiveness and start to heal after what has been an awful 18 months. I am concerned about the fate of children’s... read more

Present Tense

I had lunch this week with a neighbor near our home in North Carolina. She wanted to talk about the election and kitchen decorating ideas. The bright October sun and the mid-80’s temperatures drove us to the outside patio for food and conversation. I’m interested in... read more

It’s Not Over

“It’s not over until everything is alright, and if it’s not alright, it’s not over.” – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Just this week I made the long and crazy drive from the northeast to the southeast. Long, because it takes eleven hours. Crazy because there is... read more

The Thinking Bench

This is my thinking bench. I don’t text, take calls, or edit scary first drafts here. I just think. My time for contemplation came to an end when I was diagnosed with some serious medical problems. Then, my mother moved with great unwillingness to assisted living. ... read more

The Beat Goes On

Recently I was running through the grocery store, (I always run, I hate to shop for anyone and anything, even frozen yogurt) and caught up with a local author friend. She told me she found my revised book, Mad Random: Claiming Life Out of Chaos, available on Kindle... read more

Look What Happened!

Hello to all of you who have patience. Mine went somewhere to hide as I’ve cursed the wind waiting for the Kindle release of the revised edition of Mad Random: Claiming Life Out of Chaos. Thanks to the hard work of many people, today is the day my book is uploaded for... read more

Painting the Ugly Door

Hi. I’m back from my latest writing adventure. I’ve been busy working on Stalking Grace, taking the first step in a long road toward 2017 publication! So, these past few days have been devoted to some much needed DIY. The ugly brown door that has served as the gateway... read more

Tom Petty was right!

Yes, when Tom Petty sang, “The Waiting is the Hardest Part”, he knew exactly what he was talking about.  Still on hold with the release of the revised edition of “Mad Random”. Expecting word any day.  In the meantime, I was asked recently what... read more