Mad Random Parenting by Donna Miller

It's folly to think you or anyone else can "fix" your child.

Mad Random: Claiming Life Out of Chaos

REVISED SECOND EDITION: Mad Random: Claiming Life Out Of Chaos chronicles one family’s struggle to find normalcy while raising a son with severe emotional disabilities. Brutally honest, yet laugh out loud funny, this book shines a light on the anxiety, heartbreak and rage experienced by thousands of families seeking acceptance for their difficult, quirky children. This wild, gritty book ultimately leads readers to the miracles of hope and love.

A note from the author:

I was asked recently what I hope people will learn from reading this new edition of Mad Random: Claiming Life Out of Chaos. I am truly in awe of parents who gracefully answer the call to parent difficult kids. They teach me something every day for my blog and in my writing coaching work. There’s nothing I can give to these heroes except my invitation to find joy, love fully, believing in the gift of today. My wish is that reading this latest revision book can help provide parents and families inspiration and encouragement.


Donna Miller’s second non-fiction book, Stalking Grace, will be published in 2018.

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What Others Are Saying About Mad Random


“Donna Miller’s book brings humor and courage to the task of tackling a difficult, destructive family. Her story illustrates how love and acceptance can become powerful antidotes to emotional disability.”- Dr. Michael Priest, Psychiatrist with 30 years experience,specializing in behavioral disorders and depression

Kirkus Reviews, Sept. 2015 – “An honest, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting account of parenting a child with severe emotional difficulties.”

Mad Random helped me understand the power and pain of parent advocates. Donna kept working, never stopped loving her child, and insisted on acceptance as the most reliable expert about her son’s needs.” – Janet McLeod, District Director of Special Educational Services. (retired)

“There were moments I cried because I could see some of my son in your son. With a lot of help I have been able to let go. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.”- BD, Mom

“Thank you, Donna Miller, for taking the risk to talk about having a child with emotional disabilities. Your book breaks the silence of fear and stigma, and gives voice for these children and their families.”- Mary Armao McCarthy, Hudson Valley Writers Guild