Mad Random Writing


DMillerwriterYou want to write a book, maintain a blog or contribute a parent’s perspective on raising differently wired, out of sync children.  Mad Random Writing is a new opportunity to produce your parenting or life story. Like many moms and dads, you are tired of the isolation your family faces. Protecting your child and family from unsolicited advice and unwelcome comments means you’ve had to shutdown your own, personal story line.

I’m a published author, child advocate, teacher and political speechwriter, and I’ve contributed to national and international journals on numerous topics.

And, I’d like to be your writing coach. Nothing feels better than preserving your own story, sharing it with a same-soul audience, and staying the course that begins with a single inspiration.

My first memoir, Mad Random: Claiming Life Out of Chaos opened up my world by telling the truth about our family’s battle DMiller bookwith our son’s complex neurological problems. I know it’s difficult to find your voice.

But, that authentic and transparent voice is yours alone. Sharing your message strengthens your spirit and supports transformation in our community.


I promise I can save you time, money and the missteps that prevent you from starting and – most importantly – finishing your work. And, if you are outside the parenting world and are ready to write the story that has been inside you forever, I can help make that happen. I coach prospective writers on issues from love and loss to family memoirs that can connect generations.


You should know that I have a deep respect for your writing goals. I know that getting your story on paper can be sticky and scary. Fear blocks creativity. That’s the truth. Good writing comes from a deep well. You never know what will come to the surface as the process unfolds. But your story needs to be told.


When we connect, we will discuss your story and your writing goals. It’s energizing, fun and FREE! If you decide I can help, I’ll develop a customized coaching program to shine a light on your story and support your perspective. You will master new skills and stay focused on your emerging success.

Click here to use the contact form to tell me when you want to connect for a free session. We can talk or Skype. Let’s get started.